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Fido's à la carte

Cannot make up your mind on what service you would like for you and your four-legged companion? With Fido’s à la carte services, we can custom tailor a suite of our service offerings with you and your pet in mind! Each companion is different and unique. Your pet will surely enjoy a tailored service to meet their personality and one of a kind needs! Special pricing and offers are available to clients who utilize multiple services.




The Explorer

Find that you cannot make time to take your dog for a walk as often as you would like? Is your four-legged friend itching to get out and discover the world? With our Explorer package, we can take your tail wagging friend for a walk, help them be on the lookout for squirrels, listen for bird chirps and explore their own neighborhood together. With walks ranging from thirty minutes to an hour, we will make sure that your little explorer is on the hunt and prowl, returning safely at home to rest and water. 


The  Professional

While you work, the tails will play. Give your pet a chance to romp around, sniff in some fresh air and receive affection and care. This is a break in their patient wait for you to return home. We will come to your home, say hello, refresh their food and water, and let them outside for some time in the grass or on a tree. Before leaving, we will be sure to remind them that you will be home soon. 

The Weekender

Off for a hike? A night away? With our Weekender package, your fluffy friend can relax in the comforts of their own home. They will be relieved to be kept away from the stress and anxiety of the weekend kennel crowd. We will keep with your schedule, add the same usual chatter to your home and give your tail wagging friend a weekend of their own. Go and relax! We will keep the tails wagging at home.

Driving Miss Daisy


Our Driving Miss Daisy service makes pet transportation easy and reliable for you and your four legged companion. We can chauffeur your pet around to the groomers or vet appointments. We not only travel with your pals to their appointments, but we stay with them and provide reassurance in unusual environments or uncomfortable situations. We will stand in for you when your schedule may keep you at bay. This service is also ideal for our senior dogs that may need fresh air yet are not up for the walks. A trip around town, sights to see out the window and a bark or two to say hello to those passing by. If requested, we may even stop for an ice cream treat! 





The Vacationer

Give yourself peace of mind that your pet is well cared for in a safe and familiar environment while you are away. You can vacation without the guilt of kennels and boarding, or that you are traveling without their company. Remind yourself that there is not a suitcase big enough for their favorite chair. Surely no airplane could accommodate all of their favorite things. Your tail-wagging family member will be able to stay in your home with their own toys, backyard and comfy furniture that they are used to. One-on-one attention and tailored-to-you service are only two of the benefits of using our Vacationer service!



Ignite the Sniffer

A free sniff down and a meet and greet in your home. Bring us your favorite toy, show us your special outside tree and parade us around your castle.  What makes you bark? What gets the purr just right? Ignite the Sniffer is how we will meet and greet you and your faithful companion. There is never a charge or contract obligation for us to meet you and your family. It is ultimately up to your pet to tell you if they like what they sense and sniff! 


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